Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where can I purchase a Kindle?

You have probably heard all about how amazing a Kindle is and what a revolutionary idea it is-being able to carry your very own library with you. Shopping for books without having to go to a book store and being able to read anytime and anywhere you want no matter the lighting condition are just some of the things that have gotten book lovers hooked on having their own Kindle.

Redefining the reading experience

The Kindle is a device created by Amazon which allows you to download books, newspapers, blogs and other media and lets you store these media on a cloud. Depending on the model of a Kindle you can store up to 3,000 books on your Kindle. There is even some Kindle models that lets you connect to the internet through 3G or Wi-Fi. The anti-glare feature of the Kindle allows you to read even when you are out in sunlight. You can also adjust the back light of the Kindle to match the light-grey color of the paperback novels we all love. The Kindle also has a feature where in you can adjust the size of the text for you to be able to read it better.

Where can I purchase a Kindle?

Since Amazon created the Kindle you can purchase the Kindle over the Amazon store. If you like in Canada you have to make sure to purchase the Kindle over the International Amazon store and not the store. When you purchase the Kindle over the Amazon store you can get it at a lower price compared getting the Kindle over at a store in Canada.

Purchasing the Kindle at a store

Purchasing the Kindle from a store in Canada will be a bit more expensive but you will be able to get it right away and take your Kindle home with you. If you purchase the Kindle over at Amazon you will get it at a cheaper price but you will still have to wait until it is delivered to you. If you want to purchase the Kindle over at a store in Canada you can look at the following stores: Staples and The Source.

Other Kindle accessories

Aside from purchasing the Kindle you can also purchase a number of different Kindle accessories both from Amazon and the stores in Canada earlier mentioned. Kindle accessories includes different kinds of cases and covers to keep your Kindle protected. These cases are available in a variety of colors and designs you can choose from which will easily match your taste and personality. Kindle accessories also includes chargers and other paraphernalia.

Whether you are in need of Kindles or Kindle accessories you can easily purchase them over at the international Amazon website or at the following stores in Canada: Staples, and The Source. So now that you know where to purchase a Kindle you can get out and get your very own Kindle so that you can experience the Kindle experience.

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